“Finally there’s natural skincare for men with the feeling, fragrance, environmental thinking and quality I request.”



After Tony Irving, one of Sweden’s most popular entertainers and danceprofiles, tried organic skincare products and discovered the excellent results they offer, he contacted RS Biokosmetik’s CEO Carina Swartz and asked if we were interested in a collaboration.

This culminated in Tony participating in the development of Sweden Eco Skincare for men – in everything from function and fragrance to appearance and packaging size. In the end, the result was five products of which both Tony and RS Biokosmetik are extremely proud.

Sweden Eco’s philosophy is to use 100% natural, organically grown and vegan-friendly ingredients.

From a young age Tony Irving has been well aware of his appearance and the role it plays in his career as a dancer. His dance instructor explained early on, “There is no such thing as an ugly champion.” As a dancer he was fixated on his weight and appearance, and did everything he thought he could to look younger and thinner. The result was a very poor diet, weight loss pills, plastic surgery and Botox treatments.

Around the age of 45, he met people who advocated for organic food and a sustainable lifestyle, and he realised that what you eat and how you live affects both your appearance and how you feel. Tony changed his attitude and behaviour and is now as careful with what he eats as he is with what he puts on his skin. For Tony, it is important that skincare products have great results, and that they are high quality and good for our environment and health.

“I’ve made a journey from an appearance-fixated world, where cosmetic surgery and Botox treatments were normal, to living with the insight that what I put on my skin affects all of me. Now I’m sharing the secret behind my radiant skin: Sweden Eco’s Skincare for Men.”